Leakage of ANTS/DPX from LUVs in response to HAMLET, monitored by fluorescence.

ANTS/DPX fluorophore leakage across liposome membranes after one-minute exposure to HAMLET (red circle), HLA (black circle), water (yellow triangle) or oleic acid (green triangle). A) EYPC LUVs at pH 7.0. B) DOPG:EYPC liposomes at pH 7.0. C) PBPS:EYPC at pH 7.0. D) EYPC LUVs at pH 5.0. The fluorescence (at 510 nm) of undisturbed LUVs was set to 0% and that of vesicles disrupted by Triton X-100 was set to 100%. The leakage response is presented as a function of polypeptide/oleic acid concentration in the fluorescence cuvette, except for water, which was added to reach the intended concentration of polypeptide/oleic acid.



CC BY 4.0