Kinome-wide selectivity of K02288 and LDN-193189.

(A) Some 200 human kinases were individually ranked according to their enzymatic inhibition by K02288 or LDN-193189 present at 0.1 or 1 µM concentration (screening performed by Nanosyn). Complete screening data are shown in supplemental Table S2. (B) Percent inhibition values for each kinase in the presence of 1 µM K02288 were plotted against those using 1 µM LDN-193189. There is little correlation between those kinases inhibited by K02288 and by LDN-193189. Overall, fewer kinases were inhibited by K02288. (C) Kinome tree visualization of inhibitor profiling showing the appearance of target family clusters (illustration reproduced courtesy of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.;