Increased platelet activation in HIV patients is not altered with reported cocaine use.

Blood samples were collected from HIV-negative, healthy subjects (HIV-, N = 61), HIV-positive individuals without cocaine use (HIV+Coc-, N = 37), and HIV-positive individuals with reported cocaine use within one year (HIV+Coc+, N = 16), and were fixed and stained as described in the methods section. Platelet CD62P expression was significantly higher in HIV+Coc- and HIV+Coc+ samples as compared to HIV- subjects (* p = 0.038, ** p = 0.008, respectively). CD62P expression levels between HIV+Coc- and HIV+Coc+ samples were statistically similar (ns, p = 0.492). Data are represented as fold change in CD62P MFI as compared to HIV- subjects and are shown as mean ± SEM.