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In vivo effect of miR-21 on CNE1 cell growth in nude mice.

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posted on 03.11.2014 by Hesheng Ou, Yumei Li, Min Kang

CNE1 cells (107 cells/tumor), treated with miR-21 or control (100 nM for 48 h) without transfection reagents, were injected subcutaneously into the right axilla of nude mice. (A) Growth curves for CNE1 cells treated with miR-21 (n = 8) and control (n = 8) obtained by in vivo proliferation assay. P<0.05 for all. (B) Photographs of tumors from miR-21 and control groups. (C) Photographs of mice from miR-21 and control groups. (D) Representative photomicrographs of CNE1 cells and apoptosis in miR-21 and control groups detected by TUNEL assay. (E) Representative photomicrographs of immunohistochemical staining and the relative levels of Bcl-2 and Bax on xenograft tumor sections obtained from mice in miR-21 and control groups. The cytoplasm was counter-stained with hematoxylin (×400).