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In situ hybridization of Let-7g, miR-29a and miR-30e in normal and ATC tissues.

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posted on 2014-08-25, 08:56 authored by Aline Hébrant, Sébastien Floor, Manuel Saiselet, Aline Antoniou, Alice Desbuleux, Bérengère Snyers, Caroline La, Nicolas de Saint Aubain, Emmanuelle Leteurtre, Guy Andry, Carine Maenhaut

Tissue sections from normal and tumor thyroids were incubated with a full length DIG-labeled LNA probe to detect Let-7g, miR-29a and miR-30e: 20× magnification showing a strong miRNA signal observed (in blue) in the normal thyrocytes and a weak signal observed in the tumor cells derived from thyrocytes. No signal was detected in the TAM. 4 ATC were investigated. Representative pictures of 3 of them are shown.