Illustrations of the Simple Moderation and Mediated Moderation Models Tested.

A. Simple moderation model (Model 1 of Hayes, 2012). B. Basic mediated moderation model (Model 8 of Hayes, 2012). αs refer to the slope coefficients of the mediator(s) regressed on Familiarity, Interest, and their interaction. β(s) and τ's denote the coefficients of Gossip regressed on the mediator(s) and the predictors, respectively, when both are included as simultaneous predictors of Gossip. C, D, E, F, and G. The mediated moderation models with Arousal, |Valence|, Plausibility, Surprise, and |ΔOpinion| as mediators, respectively. H. The mediated moderation model with Surprise and |ΔOpinion| as simultaneous mediators. Note: Coefficients are reported on their corresponding regression paths. Significance thresholds are p<.001 = ***, p<.01 = **, p<.05 = *, and not significant = ns. The percentages of direct effects explained by indirect effects are reported in parentheses on the corresponding direct paths. Downward and upward arrows indicate decreases and increases, respectively, of direct effects in comparison to the simple moderation model.