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Identification of the major cis-elements in the proximal promoter of the PP2A-Aα gene.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 04:42 authored by He-Ge Chen, Wen-Jun Han, Mi Deng, Jichao Qin, Dan Yuan, Jin-Ping Liu, Ling Xiao, Lili Gong, Songping Liang, Jian Zhang, Yun Liu, David Wan-Cheng Li

A. Identification of the four putative cis-elements: ETS-1, CREB, AP-2α and SP-1 in the proximal promoter of the PP2A-Aα gene. The 677 bp DNA sequence (from +52 to −625) was analyzed with TFSEARCH and TESS two softwares. Four conserved cis-elements (marked below the sequence) were discovered. In the core promoter region of the PP2A-Aα gene, a putative TFIIB recognition element (BRE) and a putative downstream promoter element (DPE) are observed. However, the core promoter of the PP2A-Aα gene lacks TATA-box. The transcription initiation site was assigned according to the reported results. B. Western blot analysis of PP2A-Aα and the four cognate transcriptional factors (ETS-1, CREB, AP-2α and SP-1) in two ocular cell lines, retinal epithelial cells (ARPE-19) and the embryonic lens epithelial cells (FHL124).


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