Identification of neuronal networks modulating motor patterns using Gal4-directed thermo-sensitive UAS-dTrpA1 expression.

(A) Experimental setup for AN, MN, and PaN recordings at the deafferented CNS; dTrpA1 was activated by a Peltier-driven heating device. (B) Single extracellular recordings of AN, MN, and PaN revealed differential alteration of feeding-related motor patterns by dTrpA1 activation. Red blocks on top of the control recordings denote motor output. For the experimental recordings, an up arrow (↑) indicates significant acceleration of motor pattern, down arrow (↓) indicates significant deceleration of motor pattern and a dash (–) indicates no significant difference in the motor pattern (exception: Glu (Ok371-Gal4 showed no rhythmic motor pattern by dTrpA1 activation [no]). (C) Statistical data from AN, MN, and PaN motor patterns quantified as relative change in cycle frequency (mean ± standard error). Significance was tested by Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test (***p≤0.001). 5-HT, serotonin; ACh, acetylcholine; DA, dopamine; Glu, glutamate; Hug, hugin neuropeptide; MHD, mouth hook depressor; MHE, mouth hook elevator; ProdoA, dorsal protractor A.