Identification of infiltrating cells by immunocytochemistry.

Muscle sections from patient#1 (A to E)) or patient#2 (F to J) werre processed as described in material and methods for immunocytochemistry (immunoperoxydase detection) for the following antigens: CD56 (mouse monoclonal antibody; Dako; A,E); CD8 (mouse monoclonal antibody; Dako; B,G); CD20 (mouse monoclonal antibody; Dako; C,H); CD3 (Neomarker; D,I); CD68 (mouse monoclonal antibody; Dako; E,J). In patient#1 (A to E), the few infiltrating cells were mostly detected as immunoreactive for CD68 and CD3. In patient#2, the massive infiltrates were mainly composed of CD68 and CD3 immunoreactive cells. Counterstain: henatoxylin-eosin. Immunoreactive cells (red-brown color) are indicated by arrows, except in I and J (too numerous). Magnification: ×170.




CC BY 4.0