Identification of NPLC0393 as a small molecular PP2Cα activator.

(A) Chemical structure of NPLC0393. (B, C) NPLC0393 activated the recombinant human PP2Cα activity using pNPP (B) and phosphopeptide FLRTpSCG (C) as substrates. Data are expressed as the mean ± S.D. of three independent experiments. (D) Binding affinity of NPLC0393 to PP2Cα as evaluated by Biacore 3000. Sensorgrams obtained from NPLC0393 injection over the immobilized PP2Cα surface. NPLC0393 was injected for 60s, and dissociation was monitored for more than 120s. (E) ITC analysis of NPLC0393/PP2Cα interaction.