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Hoechst 33342 influx into E. aerogenes strains.

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posted on 23.09.2015, 03:54 by Nadège Philippe, Laure Maigre, Sébastien Santini, Elizabeth Pinet, Jean-Michel Claverie, Anne-Véronique Davin-Régli, Jean-Marie Pagès, Muriel Masi

Strains were grown in LB broth and cells were harvested at the beginning of the stationary phase. Cells were washed, resuspended in PPB pH 7.0, and the H33342 influx was assayed in the presence of 50 μM CCCP. A. Chemical structure of H33342. B. Kinetics of H33342 influx. AU, arbitrary units. C. Total accumulation in E. aerogenes isolates after normalization to that of strain ATCC15038. All values are means of at least three independent experiments.