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Hearing loss in Ildr1k-/- mice.

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posted on 2015-03-30, 03:23 authored by Tomohito Higashi, Tatsuya Katsuno, Shin-ichiro Kitajiri, Mikio Furuse

A. Hearing thresholds at sound frequencies of 10, 20 and 40 kHz of wild-type (+/+) (n = 3) and homozygous (-/-) mice (n = 4) at P35. Ildr1k-/- mice showed increased thresholds (85- dB sound pressure level (SPL)) compared with wild-type mice (5–40 dB SPL). All average data on the graphs are shown as mean ± SEM. In all instances, P values were less than 0.01 and considered to be significant. B. ABRs to stimuli of 5–90 dB SPL at 20 kHz in P35 wild-type and Ildr1k-/- mice. Typical data for a wild-type mouse and an Ildr1k-/- mouse are shown. In wild-type mice, typical ABR waveform can be observed by small sound stimuli until 30dB. In contrast, Ildr1k-/- mice did not respond to large sound stimuli over 90dB.