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FOXO1 Binds to −125/−91 of the Fshb Promoter.

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posted on 25.11.2014, 02:43 by Chung Hyun Park, Danalea V. Skarra, Alissa J. Rivera, David J. Arriola, Varykina G. Thackray

TnT Flag-FOXO1-CA was incubated with a consensus FBE, −305/−271, −275/−241, −245/−211, −215/−181, −185/−151, −155/−121, or −125/−91 Fshb probes and tested for complex formation in EMSA. FOXO1-CA-DNA complex on the FBE is shown in lane 1, IgG control in lane 2 and Flag supershift is shown in lane 3. The FOXO1-CA-DNA complex (arrow) and antibody supershift (ss) are indicated on the left and right of the gel.