Expression profile of FXYD2 mRNA and protein during DRG neuron development.

(A) Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of FXYD2 expression in the developing DRGs and after axotomy. SAGE tag frequencies for FXYD2 at equivalent stages or conditions are indicated below. (B) Western blot using a FXYD2 antibody shows the presence of the FXYD2 isoforms gamma-a and gamma-b in the adult DRG. Kidney extract is a positive control. (C–F) FXYD2 in situ hybridization on mouse DRG sections at E13, P0, P15 and adult. Arrow and arrowhead in F point to FXYD2-positive and FXYD2-negative neurons, respectively. (G) FXYD2 immunochemistry on adult DRG sections. Arrows and Arrowheads point respectively to positive cell bodies and nerve fibers.