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Expression patterns of Sema3s in the developing inner ear at E11.5.

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posted on 2013-08-26, 01:48 authored by Kei-ichi Katayama, Fumiyasu Imai, Fumikazu Suto, Yutaka Yoshida

(A–C, E) Expression of Sema3a, Sema3b, Sema3c and Sema3e were found in the dorsal part of the otocyst (arrowheads). (D, F) Expression of Sema3d and Sema3f were found in the ventral part of the otocyst (arrowheads). (G) Sema3g transcripts were not found in either the otocyst or SAG neurons. (A, F) Weak expression of Sema3a and Sema3f were found in SAG neurons (arrowheads). Scale bar, 100 µm.