Expression pattern of endogenous HD-Zip II transcripts in maize.

(A) Heat map representation of endogenous HD-Zip II transcript expression across tissues and developmental stages in two maize hybrids. The red color gradient shows expression values represented on a Log2 scale normalized median fluorescence intensity (MFI); a darker shade indicates a higher expression level. Grey color represents that expression was below background. For each of the listed tissue and development stages two hybrids (NH6214 and NN6306) are shown in the order that hybrid NN6306 is the first one. (B) Constitutive expression profiles of maize HD-Zip II genes. (C) Reproductive tissue specific profiles of maize HD-Zip II genes. Pink bar represents NN6306 and blue bar represents NH6214. Each panel shows the expression profile for the indicated HD-Zip II gene. The error bars are +/−1 stderr.