Expression levels of PGC-1α and CaN in C2C12 cells treated with Ca2+ ionophores.

A) Semi-quantitative analysis for PGC-1α. The immunoreactive band used for the quantification migrated with an apparent Mr of ∼90 kDa (calculated Mr of PGC-1α is 90,588 Da), at an identical position as PGC-1α from TA extracts (Fig. 7C). Mild ionophore treatment (1 µM; 48 h) led to an increase in PGC-1α in WT C2C12 cells (*; p<0.05). In untreated PV-clones, PGC-1α levels were decreased compared to control C2C12 cells (*; p<0.05); ionophore treatment didn’t additionally affect PGC-1α levels (n.s.). In the lower part representative Western blot signals used for the calculations are shown. B) Analysis of CaN expression, other details as in A). CaN expression levels were determined in untreated cells (C) or after incubation with the Ca2+ ionophores Br-A23187 (Br-) or ferutinin (Fe) for 48 h. CaN signals were slightly decreased in WT clones (n.s.) and were unchanged in the PV-clones after ionophore treatment. Lower part: Representative CaN Western blot signals for C2C12 WT and PV-clones ± Br-A23187.