Effect of the E2-L210Q substitution on CHIKV infectivity for A. albopictus.

2011-12-08T01:41:16Z (GMT) by Konstantin A. Tsetsarkin Scott C. Weaver

Mosquitoes (Thailand) were orally infected with serial 10-fold dilutions of SL07-226V or SL07-226V-210Q viruses in infectious blood meals (BM). At 10 dpi CHIKV infection in individual mosquito was detected by observing virus-induced CPE in Vero cells inoculated with mosquito homogenates. The OID50 values were calculated using the PriProbit program (version 1.63) and expressed as Log10(pfu)/mL (A). The difference in the infection rates between SL07-226V and SL07-226V-210Q viruses was tested for significance with a two-tailed Fishes exact test (B).