Effect of LPAATβ on tumor growth in the orthotopic model of osteosarcoma.

A. Xenogen IVIS 200 bioluminescence imaging of orthotopic tumor growth. Athymic nude mice were periosteally injected at proximal tibia with 143B cells infected with AdR-LPAATβ, AdRFP, or AdR-siLPAATβ for 15 h (106 cells/injection). Animals were subjected to Xenogen imaging at the indicated time points. Representative imaging results at 37 days post injection are shown. B. Quantitative analysis of Xenogen imaging signal intensity (photons/sec/cm2/steradian) over the time after injection. C. Tumor growth as determined by tumor volume. The dimensions of injection sites were measured roughly every 3 days during the course of study. Tumor volumes (mm3) were calculated as described in Methods. “*” p-value <0.05, “**” p-value <0.001.



CC BY 4.0