Effect of IDE knockdown on HLA class I expression.

The indicated cell types were transfected with 4×100 nM siIDE and expression of MHC-I molecules was detected 48 h later by flow cytometry. In A, B and D (left panels) cells were acid-stripped 24 h prior to analysis. In A, B, C, F (right panels), cells were incubated with 400 U/ml of IFN-γ 24 h after transfection. Cell surface expression of “HLA class I” was assessed using mAb W6/32, while expression of H-2Dd was measured using mAb34-5-8, H-2Kd using mAb20-8-4 and HLA-A2 using mAb BB7.2. Filled histograms: secondary Ab only. One of 3 experiments is shown.