Down regulation of Olig2 by lentiviral Pax6 overexpression promotes tangential migration and neuronal differentiation.

2011-06-17T01:17:43Z (GMT) by Eun Sook Jang James E. Goldman

The SVZ of P3/P4 olig2-Cre mouse was stereotactically injected with lentiviruses expressing loxp-GFP-stop-loxp-dsred (control) (n = 5), or loxp-GFP-stop-loxp-flag-pax6 (Pax6-lenti) (n = 6) and brains analyzed 4 days later. (a, f) Schematics of control (a) and Pax6-lenti (f) constructs. (b–e) eGFP+ cells infected by control-lentivirus, which were Olig2- at infection, migrated tangentially, whereas dsred+ cells, which were Olig2+, showed radial migration. (b) eGFP+ cells were Olig2- in SVZ. (c) Ds-red+ cells located in WM, SVZ and Ctx, are Pax6-. (d) eGFP+ cells were Olig2- in RMS. (e) Ds-red+ cells showed glial morphology in WM. (g–j) Both eGFP and flag-tagged Pax6 expressing cells by Pax6-lenti virus migrated tangentially. (g) eGFP+ cells were Olig2- in SVZ. Flag+ cells, which were Olig2+ at infection, were Olig2- in SVZ (h) and RMS (i). (k, m) Histogram analysis of the effects of control (j) or Pax6-lentivirus (l) on migration. Quantified distributions of cells presented as a percentage of infected cells per brain located in each area (mean ± SEM). *, by student's t test p<0.05, **, p<0.01. (l, n) Schematic distribution of SVZ cells expressing control (l) or Pax6 (n) and site of injection. Scale bars, 50 µm.