Distribution of antigen presenting cells in peripheral blood during chronic HIV infection.

(A) Multicolor flow cytometric gating strategy for the identification of APC populations in peripheral blood. APCs (CD3-CD19-CD56-HLADR+CD11c+CD123-), monocytes (CD3-CD19-CD56-HLADR+CD123-CD11c+CD14+), and mDCs (CD3-CD19-CD56-HLADR+CD123-CD11c+CD14+) were detected following the exclusion of dead cells and CD3+, CD19+ and CD56+ cells. The HLA-DR-positive cells were gated for CD11c and CD123. Data were analyzed using FlowJo. (B) Percentages of circulating APCs (HIV− n = 37, HIV+ n = 94). (C) Monocyte percentage of the peripheral blood APC population. (D) Myeloid dendritic cell population of the peripheral blood APC population. (E) Plasma sCD14 concentrations as determined by ELISA (HIV− n = 25; HIV+ n = 66). Each dot represents an individual patient. In the HIV+ group, open circles represent therapy-naïve patients and closed circles represent patients on HAART. Bars indicate median value. P values determined using Mann Whitney U test. P values as indicated.