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Distribution of G3–5 runs on the linear plasmids carrying the vls loci in B. burgdorferi strains B31, N40 and JD1.

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posted on 01.03.2013 by Rupali Walia, George Chaconas

G runs of 3–5 nucleotides in length were counted in the sequence of lp28-1 (Accession NC_001851 and FJ472338) from B31 [8], [52], [53], lp36 (Accession CP002230) from N40 and lp28-1 (Accession NC_017404) of JD1 [36]. The distribution of G3–5 runs on both strands of vls and non-vls DNA was plotted. The coding strand is defined as the strand in which the silent cassettes code for the VlsE protein. The vls DNA includes only the silent cassettes, as the vlsE sequence is only known for B31.