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Cr, but not Cd exposure induced DNA damage in rat liver.

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posted on 19.05.2015, 03:09 by Michael S. Madejczyk, Christine E. Baer, William E. Dennis, Valerie C. Minarchick, Stephen S. Leonard, David A. Jackson, Jonathan D. Stallings, John A. Lewis

A comet assay was performed to assess DNA strand breaks in hepatocytes from Cd (A) or Cr (B) treated animals. Cd exposure had no effect on Comet tail length. However, Cr induced DNA strand breaks at the medium and high doses, and this was sustained at all days examined. Data are expressed as mean ±SE, n = 2–7 animals per group. Only two comet assays were available for analysis on days 1 and 3. *Significantly different from control on each day, p<0.05.