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Cigarette smoke condensate (CSC) activates the HPV-16 p97 promoter in a dose-dependent manner in lung and cervical cancer cells.

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posted on 01.04.2015, 03:13 by Nelson Peña, Diego Carrillo, Juan P. Muñoz, Jonás Chnaiderman, Ulises Urzúa, Oscar León, Maria L. Tornesello, Alejandro H. Corvalán, Ricardo Soto-Rifo, Francisco Aguayo

(A) A-549 (B) H-2170 (C) HeLa and (D) SiHa cells were exposed to CSC (0.1–50 μg/mL) for 16 hours after transfection with the pmiR-GLO construct containing the complete HPV-16 LCR/p97 region. (E) A-549 cells were transfected with the pmiR-GLO containing only the HPV-16 p97 promoter and the luciferase activity was compared with those cells transfected with the full HPV-16 LCR/p97 region. (F) SiHa cells were exposed to 10 μg/mL CSC and the levels of E7 transcripts were measured using RT-qPCR. The graphs are representative of three independent experiments. (* = p<0.05; ** = p<0.01; *** = p<0.001, Luc2/Reni percentage ± SEM).