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Characterization of conventional CD4+ T cells as well as Treg cells during pulmonary PCM.

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posted on 29.10.2015, 03:23 by Silvia B. Bazan, Tania A. Costa, Eliseu Frank de Araújo, Claudia Feriotti, Flávio V. Loures, Fernando D. Pretel, Vera L. G. Calich

(A) Representative FACS plots demonstrating the gating strategy for CD4+ T cells and T reg cells. (B) Expansion of CD4+ T lymphocytes during infection with P. brasiliensis. Percent (left) and total number (right) of CD4+Foxp3- T cells and CD4+Foxp3+ T cells were analyzed by flow cytometry in the lungs of infected and uninfected C57BL/6 Foxp3GFP mice. Numbers indicate mean ± SD for at least five mice per group and are representative of three independent experiments (* p < 0.05; ** p < 0.005; *** p < 0.001). (C, D) Flow cytometric characterization of CD4+Foxp3- T cells (C) and CD4+Foxp3+ T cells (D) indicate an activated status at the site of infection of both cell subsets, as shown by CTLA-4, GITR, ICOS, and PD-1 expression. Solid lines represent infected mice, whereas dashed lines indicate uninfected mice. Median fluorescence intensity (MFI) values were calculated from all CD4+Foxp3- T cells or CD4+Foxp3GFP+ T cells. Bars reflect mean ± SD of three independent experiments with five mice per group (* p < 0.05; ** p < 0.005; *** p < 0.001).