Cellular cytotoxicity and P. aeruginosa adhesion and invasion in response to simvastatin treatment.

Cells were treated with 10 µM simvastatin for 24 hours (A, B, C), following which they were infected with P. aeruginosa PAO1at MOI 50∶1 (A, C). (A) Simvastatin significantly induced cytotoxicity but did not alter P. aeruginosa-mediated LDH release at 6 hours post infection. (B) Simvastatin-induced cytotoxicity was not significantly altered in si-wtKLF6 knockdown cells demonstrating wtKLF6 was not implicated in simvastatin-mediated cytotoxicity of lung epithelial cells. (C) Simvastatin treatment increased P. aeruginosa adhesion to cells, but (D) did not influence invasion at 3 hours of infection. *P, ≤0.05, **P, ≤0.01, *** P, ≤0.001.