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CPD repair in C. elegans germ cells.

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posted on 06.05.2010, 00:26 by Hannes Lans, Jurgen A. Marteijn, Björn Schumacher, Jan H. J. Hoeijmakers, Gert Jansen, Wim Vermeulen

Immunofluorescence on dissected gonads shows that after 160 J/m2 UVB irradiation, CPD damage (green) is repaired in wild type and csb-1 animals, but not in xpa-1, rad-23 and rad-23; csb-1 animals. Repair was visualized 18 hours after irradiation, as at this time point the majority of CPDs in C. elegans are repaired [52], [65], while the proliferation arrest caused by UV irradiation in distal mitotic germ cells still lasts [22]. To visualize germ cell nuclei, DAPI staining (blue) was used. Bar in first image represents 20 µm.