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Bode plot of simple gene regulation.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 16:21 by Yong-Jun Shin, Brandon Hencey, Steven M. Lipkin, Xiling Shen

There are three plots with py = 0.02 min−1 and pxy = 10 (red), 1 (green), and 0.1 (blue) min−1. On the horizontal axis, [rad/min] is used for the unit of angular frequency ω and [min] is used for the unit of equivalent period T (T = 2π/ω). The vertical axis represents the magnitude by which the system amplifies or reduces the input. The magnitude is shown in both folds (M) and dB (20log10M). The figure illustrates that simple gene regulation can either amplify or reduce intrinsic noise, extrinsic noise, and periodic DNA replication-dependent oscillations depending on the value of pxy.