Behavioral consequence of dTrpA1-induced activation of hugin neurons on yeast intake and wandering-like behavior.

(A–B) Photographs of OrgR (A) and HugS3>dTrpA1 (B) larvae (upper panel) and crawling tracks (lower panel) after 20 min at 18°C (no dTrpA1 activation) and 32°C (dTrpA1 activation), displaying the yeast intake and wandering-like behavior. Compared with OrgR, HugS3>dTrpA1 larvae showed reduced yeast intake and increased wandering-like behavior. (C) Activation of the hugin neurons by dTrpA1 significantly reduced the relative change in yeast intake compared with OrgR. Data is presented as a box plot (Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test: ***p≤0.001). (D) Analysis of the locomotory activity showing that HugS3>dTrpA1 had a significantly increased wandering-like behavior (max. larvae outside the yeast/min [%]) relative to OrgR on the restrictive temperature (32°C).