BLyS-gel inhibits MCL growth in vivo in a dose-dependent manner.

Rec-1 cells (1×106) were injected into the tail veins of SCID mice on day 0. A. Mice were divided into five groups (n = 10) for i.v. treatment with BLyS-gel at 2, 0.5, or 0.1 mg/kg; free gelonin at 2 mg/kg; or an equivalent volume of vehicle. All groups were injected with 10F4 at 5 mg/kg to deplete circulating mBLyS on day 1, and treatments began on day 2. Treatments were given twice per week for six weeks. Additional 10F4 was given prior to each week of treatment. P values refer to results of the Logrank test. B. Spleens weights at time of sacrifice. P value refers to results of the student's t test.