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Average relative expression levels of the transgenic Δ6-desaturase, Δ6-elongase and Δ5-elongase from three biological replicates of transgenic C. sativa events transformed with constructs GA7, mod-F or mod-G.

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posted on 2014-01-21, 04:24 authored by James R. Petrie, Pushkar Shrestha, Srinivas Belide, Yoko Kennedy, Geraldine Lester, Qing Liu, Uday K. Divi, Roger J. Mulder, Maged P. Mansour, Peter D. Nichols, Surinder P. Singh

Error bars represent standard error. The data shown is for the Δ6-desaturase #1 for the mod-F construct (Figure 2) with the #2 desaturase found to have expression levels similar to the #1 gene across multiple events.