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Assembly and functional analysis of the K. pneumoniae nif gene cluster in E. coli.

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posted on 2013-07-25, 02:46 authored by Xia Wang, Jian-Guo Yang, Li Chen, Ji-Long Wang, Qi Cheng, Ray Dixon, Yi-Ping Wang

(A) Linear view of the nif gene region in the plasmid pKU7017 with the BioBrick interfaces. E, EcoRI; X, XbaI; S, SpeI; P, PstI; (B) relative nitrogenase activity of wild-type K. pneumoniae M5a1, K. pneumoniae UNF921 (pRD1), E. coli JM109 (pKU7017), and E. coli JM109 (pACYC184). Plasmid pKU7017 refers to the plasmid containing the reconstituted σ54-dependent nif system and pACYC184 was used as a negative control. Each experiment was repeated at least three times, and the error bars represent standard error.