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Appetitive Memory Reactivation.

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posted on 2013-06-12, 02:07 authored by Philip R. Corlett, Victoria Cambridge, Jennifer M. Gardner, Jennifer S. Piggot, Danielle C. Turner, Jessica C. Everitt, Fernando Sergio Arana, Hannah L. Morgan, Amy L. Milton, Jonathan L. Lee, Michael R. F. Aitken, Anthony Dickinson, Barry J. Everitt, Anthony R. Absalom, Ram Adapa, Naresh Subramanian, Jane R. Taylor, John H. Krystal, Paul C. Fletcher

A. Liking ratings of the liquid predicting cues. Behavioral ratings of the cues on the first extinction trial (Day 3), following reactivation under ketamine or placebo (Day 2). Subjects liked the cue that had been reactivated under ketamine more than they liked the other cues and the cues from the placebo session. Error bars represent SEM. B. Anticipatory sucking responses to the liquid predicting cues. Anticipatory sucking in response to the first presentation of each cue type in extinction (Day 3) following reactivation under ketamine or placebo (Day 2). Subjects engaged in more anticipatory sucking prior to the cue that was reactivated under ketamine, the day after the ketamine session than the non-reactivated cues and the cues reactivated under placebo. Error bars represent SEM.