ATHB17Δ113 forms homodimers and makes heterodimers with maize HD-Zip II proteins.

Maize leaf protoplasts were (A) mock- transformed or transformed with constructs expressing CFP, MYC::HA and CFP tagged ATHB17Δ113 alone or CFP and ATHB17Δ113::CFP in combination with ATHB17Δ113::MYC construct, (B) transformed (filled bars) with constructs expressing CFP or each of the CFP tagged HD-Zip IIs alone or co-transformed (empty bars) with the construct expressing ATHB17Δ113::MYC-HA. Cellular extracts were co-immunoprecipitated using anti-MYC antibody and the immunoprecipitated complex was probed with anti-CFP antibody and visualized using phycoerythrin-conjugated reporter molecules. One HD-Zip I, Zmhdz3, was used to evaluate interaction with ATHB17Δ113. Nomenclature of HD-Zip II and HD-Zip I constructs is based on Zhao et al.[22].