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ANGPTL4 mRNA expression is regulated by F19 secreted factors.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 23:09 by Linda Aronsson, Ying Huang, Paolo Parini, Marion Korach-André, Janet Håkansson, Jan-Åke Gustafsson, Sven Pettersson, Velmurugesan Arulampalam, Joseph Rafter

A) Real-time PCR of HCT116 cells stimulated for 6 h by live (F19) or heat-killed F19 (H-K F19) as well as fresh (CM) or heat-inactivated conditioned media of F19 (H-I CM) compared to non-treated (NT) control. B) Comparison between 6 h stimulation with conditioned media (CM) and F19 culture supernatant (CS) on ANGPTL4 expression. Bars signify means with standard errors. Results are representative of at least 3 independent experiments, and stars represent P<0.02 (*), P<0.01 (**), P<0.001 (***) (Student's t-test).