17-hydroxyprogesterone (17-OHP) production is increased whereas androstenedione production is decreased by exposure of the fetal testes to MEHP.

Effects of 10 µM MEHP on 17-OHP and androstenedione secretion by fetal rat testes cultured for 72 h, beginning at GD14.5. We determined 17-OHP and androstenedione concentrations with specific RIAs. Values are means +/−SEM of 8 (17-OHP) and 7 (androstenedione) testes from fetuses of 2 different litters in 2 independent experiments. The numbers indicate the percentage decrease or increase relative to the corresponding control. * p<0.05 and ** p<0.01 in Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney tests comparing treated and control testes.