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Water intake while rats were group housed in standard cages.

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posted on 2019-01-02, 18:34 authored by Priyanka S. Sagar, Jennifer Zhang, Magda Luciuk, Carly Mannix, Annette T. Y. Wong, Gopala K. Rangan

(A) Water intake in the Lewis rat groups. Water intake in the Lewis+HWI rats was significantly increased water intake at all timepoints during the study period compared to the NWI group. *p<0.001 and †p<0.05 versus age-matched NWI Lewis rat. (B) Water intake in the LPK rat groups. Water intake in the LPK+HWI group was increased only up to week 10, after which it was similar to LPK+NWI rats. *p<0.001 and †p<0.05 versus the age-matched NWI group. Please see Methods for details on calculation.