WB analyses of synaptophysin in the cortex of TG and WT mice 9 months post-irradiation.

The average synaptophysin levels in TG control mice were significantly elevated when compared to WT controls. Irradiation of TG mice at 0.5 and 1 Gy had no effect on synaptophysin levels. In WT mice, irradiation significantly elevated synaptophysin to levels comparable to those observed in TG groups. Insets: Original images of WB gels prepared from TG (top panel) and WT (bottom panel) mice. Immuno-reactive bands optical densities indicate levels of synaptophysin (~38 kDa) and β-tubulin (~50 kDa) in cortical homogenates of control and irradiated 0.5 Gy mice. TG mice: N = 6, 5, 5 animals/radiation group; WT mice: N = 8, 8 animals/radiation group. Statistical analyses: 2-way ANOVA, Post hoc *** p<0.001 WT 0 Gy vs 0.5 Gy; †† p<0.01 WT vs TG controls. Data represent means ± SEM.