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TuMV modifies the translational initiation machinery in the absence of eIF4E1.

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posted on 2023-11-20, 18:46 authored by Delyan Zafirov, Nathalie Giovinazzo, Cécile Lecampion, Ben Field, Julia Novion Ducassou, Yohann Couté, Karen S. Browning, Christophe Robaglia, Jean-Luc Gallois

Volcano plots displaying the differential abundance of proteins purified using m7GTP pull-down and analysed by MS-based label-free quantitative proteomics in mock-inoculated eif4e1KO versus wild-type (a) TuMV-inoculated eif4e1KO versus wild-type (b), mock versus TuMV-inoculated wild-type (c) and mock versus TuMV-inoculated eif4e1KO plants (d). The volcano plots represent the -log10 (limma p-value) on y axis plotted against the log2 (Fold Change) on x axis for each quantified proteins. Green and magenta dots represent significantly enriched proteins (log2 (Fold Change) ≥ 1 and -log10(p-value) ≥ 2) whereas grey dots represent those with insignificant changes. Only proteins found enriched in m7GTP pull-down samples compared to negative control samples are represented. n = 3 biological replicates.