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The mating-type loci and detection of mating types of M. coronaria.

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posted on 2021-02-05, 21:07 authored by Qiang Cheng, Junxiang Chen, Lijuan Zhao

(A) Structures of the MAT1-1 and MAT1-2 loci. Solid boxes represent the coding regions of the predicted genes interrupted by introns. Black arrows indicate the orientations of the coding sequences. Dotted lines mark the sizes of the unique sequences of the idiomorphs. Red arrows indicate idiomorph-specific primers. (B,C) Detection of MAT1-1, product size 468 bp (B) and MAT1-2, product size 476 bp (C) with idiomorph-specific primers. M, DNA ladder; lanes 1–16, sixteen M. coronaria isolates, NL1 and YL1–15.