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The Andilaye Trial consists of three major phases: (1) formative research and intervention design, (2) intervention implementation and process evaluation, and (3) impact evaluation.

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posted on 2022-01-07, 18:23 authored by Matthew C. Freeman, Maryann G. Delea, Jedidiah S. Snyder, Joshua V. Garn, Mulusew Belew, Bethany A. Caruso, Thomas F. Clasen, Gloria D. Sclar, Yihenew Tesfaye, Mulat Woreta, Kassahun Zewudie, Abebe Gebremariam Gobezayehu

Kebele and household enrollment took place during baseline data collection (March to April 2017). Implementation of Andilaye intervention activities began in September 2017 and continued through midline data collection (March to April 2018), quarterly monitoring (June to July and November to December 2018), and endline evaluation (March to May 2019). See S1 Table for specific dates of the delivery of intervention activities. Midline data reflected at least 2 months since the start of household-level behavior change activities and 3 weeks since the completion of a catalyzing community-level mobilization and commitment event. Our endline data reflected the implementation of 14–15 months of household-level behavior change activities and 6–7 months of group-level behavior change activities (as dictated by trained activity facilitators) and 13–14 months since the community mobilization and commitment events.