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The four function modules of the GAT-FD toolbox.

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posted on 2022-04-21, 17:39 authored by Meng Cao, Ziyan Wu, Xiaobo Li

(A) A flowchart for analyzing functional network dynamics using GAT-FD toolbox. (B) The main user interface. (C) The sliding-window analysis module. This module generates connectivity matrices on the basis of specified sliding-window parameters. (D) The task design module. This module generates temporal inclusive mask according to the task design. (E) The network analysis module. This module calculates the topological properties for each connectivity matrix. (F) Result display module. This module provides visualization of the results from all other modules. fMRI: functional magnetic resonance imaging. ROIs: regions-of-interest. Note: Required steps are indicated using solid arrows. Optional steps are indicated using dashed arrows.