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The combined absence of both eIF4E1 and eIFiso4G1 enhances TuMV disease symptoms but impairs TuMV accumulation.

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posted on 2023-11-20, 18:46 authored by Delyan Zafirov, Nathalie Giovinazzo, Cécile Lecampion, Ben Field, Julia Novion Ducassou, Yohann Couté, Karen S. Browning, Christophe Robaglia, Jean-Luc Gallois

(a) Phenotypic comparison of TuMV-inoculated representative plants of each genotype 14 dpi. (b) Rosette fresh weight analysis of TuMV-inoculated plants 14 dpi. n = at least 22 biological replicates. (c) Accumulation analysis of TuMV by DAS-ELISA 14 dpi. n = 16 biological replicates. Different letters depict significantly different groups identified by Kruskal–Wallis statistical tests at P < 0.05.