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Tailoring the Blast Exposure Conditions in the Shock Tube for Generating Pure, Primary Shock Waves: The End Plate Facilitates Elimination of Secondary Loading of the Specimen - Fig 8

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posted on 07.09.2016, 17:30 by Matthew Kuriakose, Maciej Skotak, Anthony Misistia, Sudeepto Kahali, Aravind Sundaramurthy, Namas Chandra

Numerical simulations: A) isometric view of the full scale model of the 9 inch square cross section shock tube, B) comparison of pressure traces recorded experimentally and obtained as results of numerical simulations with Abacus software for shock wave generated using 0.020” thick Mylar membrane and 2 inches end plate gap. Input feed for simulations was composed using initial 15 ms of the incident overpressure recorded by T4 sensor and 10 ms of baseline signal. This was done to eliminate secondary loading waveform from input data, which leads to erroneous calculations.