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Survival Curves.

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posted on 13.05.2022, 17:43 by David O. Holland, Valer Gotea, Kevin Fedkenheuer, Sushil K. Jaiswal, Catherine Baugher, Hua Tan, Michael Fedkenheuer, Laura Elnitski

(A) Cluster 2 (corresponding to immune infiltrate) was observed to have higher median survival compared to the other clusters. A log-rank test comparing Cluster 2 survival against the rest of the samples showed a low level of statistical significance (p = 0.065). (B) Survival curves of the four genes with the highest Spearman correlation between gene expression and overall survival in high purity samples (n = 205). Samples were quantile binned by their gene count into low (blue), medium (red) and high (green) values. All survival curves were analyzed up to the 4000 days.