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Single-cell transcriptomics identified 22 unique cell types in the human fetal kidney.

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posted on 21.02.2019, 18:50 by Mazène Hochane, Patrick R. van den Berg, Xueying Fan, Noémie Bérenger-Currias, Esmée Adegeest, Monika Bialecka, Maaike Nieveen, Maarten Menschaart, Susana M. Chuva de Sousa Lopes, Stefan Semrau

(A) Schematic of kidney epithelium development. (B) Overview of the scRNAseq experiment. (C) Top left: 2D tSNE map of 6,602 human fetal kidney cells. Colors and labels indicate the assigned cell type. (Other panels) tSNE maps indicating expression of SIX2, LHX1, CLDN2, CLIC5, DCN, PDGFRB, and AQP2. Expression is indicated by color; expression values of 1 are plotted in gray. The numerical data underlying this figure can be found in S1 Data. CnT, connecting tubule; DTLH, distal tubule/loop of Henle; End, endothelial cells; ErPrT, early proximal tubule; ICa, interstitial cells a; ICb, interstitial cells b; IPC, interstitial progenitor cell; Leu, leukocyte; Mes, mesangial cell; NPCa, nephron progenitor cells a; NPCb, nephron progenitor cells b; NPCc, nephron progenitor cells c; NPCd, nephron progenitor cells d; Pod, podocyte; Prolif, proliferating cells; PTA, pretubular aggregate; RVCSBa, renal vesicle/comma-shaped body a; RVCSBb, renal vesicle/comma-shaped body b; scRNA seq, single-cell RNA sequencing; SSBm/d, s-shaped body medial/distal; SSBpod, s-shaped body podocyte precursor cells; SSBpr, s-shaped body proximal precursor cells; tSNE, t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding; tx, transcript; UBCD, ureteric bud/collecting duct; w16, week 16.