Sensitivity of the mature age density to the internal stochasticity.

This figure illustrates the effect of the magnitude of noise on the mature age density under both r- and K-selection. The horizontal axis denotes the logarithmic scale of the age, and the vertical axis denotes the height of the mature age density function on the logarithmic scale. The solid line and the dashed line represent the mature age density functions under K-selection and r-selection, respectively. Both mature ages are biased to precocity depending on the magnitude of the noise; furthermore, we see that r-selection does not always accelerate maturity under internal stochasticity. The parameters of this simulation are b1 = 0.15, σ1 = 0.4,0.5,0.6, x = 0.01, x* = 1.5, ϕ(x*) = 10, and μ0 = 0.01.