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Selective colony area method for heterogeneous patient-derived tumor cell lines in anti-cancer drug screening system - Fig 3

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posted on 2019-04-17, 17:39 authored by Jang Ho Cho, Ju-Sun Kim, Seung Tae Kim, Jung Yong Hong, Joon Oh Park, Young Suk Park, Do-Hyun Nam, Dong Woo Lee, Jeeyun Lee

Alginate spot images (a) and dose response curve (b) of #5 patient-derived cancer cell line with staurosporine. (a) Red marks in alginate spot images are the selected colonies by the optimal intensity threshold. The image of an alginate spot in 10 uM staurosporine showed 8% of viable cells, while the control with established cell line has 100% cell viability. (b) Even though 10 uM staurosporine affected cell viability of #5 PDC, high amount of debris and cells with low viability resulted in a large intensity offset and increased cell viability in the dose response curve. But, in the selected colony area method, the cell viability was reduced to 30% upon 10uM staurosporine treatment compared to the control.