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Schematics of LC molecules (A) in small molecular LC (SMALL, B), main-chain polymers (MCLCP, C) and side-chain polymers (SCLCP, D).

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posted on 17.03.2016, 00:07 by Wenduo Chen, Youliang Zhu, Fengchao Cui, Lunyang Liu, Zhaoyan Sun, Jizhong Chen, Yunqi Li

Ellipsoids are mesogens, spheres are backbone connectors in SCLCP and the springs demonstrate harmonic interactions. θ is the angle between the major axis of the two adjacent GB mesogens (ui, uj) for MCLCP (C), while it is the angle between the major axis of the GB mesogen (ui) and the vector from the center of the GB mesogens to the adjacent LJ beads on backbone (rij) for SCLCP (D). The site-site vector Sij connects the two adjacent GB/GB sites or GB/LJ sites placed in terminal position for MCLCP and SCLCP, respectively.